¿Can I change my items?

In ADORA we manufacture our products on demand and with a limited stock to give the maximum exclusivity to our customers, so for this reason, we DON’T ACCEPT RETURNS AND WE DON’T REFUND THE MONEY unless the item is defective from the warehouse. In this case ADORA will return the total amount of the purchase, discounting the shipping costs and possible bank commissions or by PayPal, which the buyer will assume. Items purchased at www.adora.barcelona CAN BE CHANGED for another size provided they are returned in perfect conditions and if we don’t have stock of the same model, for other one ítem of the same price.

If you want to change an item, you have to ask for a refund and do a new online purchase


¿What is the deadline to make the change or refund?

The deadline is 15 natural days since purchase date. 20 natural days in case the purchase is made from the USA, Australia or South America.


¿What should I do to give the item back?

You can request the refund sending an email to info@adora.barcelona stating the return reasons. Items have to be in perfect condition and with their corresponding packaging.

Once data and item verify, we will send you an e-mail to process your refund, in the nearest post office. Shipping costs will be borne by the buyer.


¿Do I have to pay something for my refund?

Returns for defective or wrong item are always free, including shipment costs that will be payed by ADORA one defective item verify. In the rest of cases, buyer will bear the shipping costs.


¿Cómo recibiré el importe de mi devolución?

Una vez aprobada la devolución, recibirás el importe del mismo modo en el que realizaste tu compra.


¿When will I receive my refund amount?

Once refund has been approved (items must be in perfect condition, have the inner labels and packaging), you will receive a confirmation e-mail indicating that the amount will be credited to your account in a few days.

The credit card payment will always depend on your bank.

ADORA will reject communicated or sent refunds by the buyer outside of the 15 day period, or if the products are not in the same condition in which they were sent.