In this video you will see how easy is to attach and adjust an ADORA anti-pull dog harness

Attach an ADORA anti-pull harness is very simple; The front anchor of the sternum should be just above his/her sternum and centered in it. This type of harness is designed for all breeds for its comfort and versatility, but it’s especially recommended if our friend is one of those warriors, who usually pull the leash on the ride. By being attached to the strap just above hir/her sternum and centered, when the dog pulls in the opposite direction of you while both are on the ride, the harness “forces” he/she to correct the direction during the ride. To attach the anti-pull harness on your dog, it’s important to first loosen all its pins: then we can place it over his/her back and through his/her head easily. Finally, adjust the pins to the dog, first around the chest diameter, then the of the spine and finally both sides of sternum, making sure that we fit our finger more or less between the ribbons and his body. Our Adored Friend could be able to walk and run comfortably! To know the size you should choose for your friend, see our SIZE GUIDE.