6 years have passed since I made the first martingale collar for my first adopted dog, Bimba. It had to be as unique and special as she was; but neither of us imagined that this was the beginning of a vital and business project as beautiful as ADORA..


Our 3 adopted greyhounds come from different shelters such as GALGOS 112, SOS GALGOS and BAAS GALGO, from the peninsula, we know about their great work and since the beginning of our project, we help them with a percentage of the total sales and material for the rescue and recovery of hunting dogs, among them the Greyhound. Yes, ADORA has a spirit of solidarity.

érase una vez adora


ADORA was born out of the desire to show our dogs, from our human point of view, everything they mean in our lives, with a coat that gives them warmth, with a collar that makes them feel comfortable, with a leash that gives them more freedom of movement and although they are not really aware of it, it is a precious way to make them feel loved and adored unconditionally.


In our house-workshop, we design and manufacture each and every one of the ADORA products, handmade, and in very limited editions, which makes them exclusive, so if you fall in love with a particular model, do not hesitate and get it, because you will almost ensure that no other furry will wear the same.

érase una vez Adora

The love
for dogs
is our
raison d’être


We look for fabrics with classic designs and prints of always, but also exotic, we bring them from the neighborhood store of our town, but also from the East or South America. Thus we can offer a multitude of different styles for everyone.


Our philosophy is to be environmentally friendly, that is why we use simple packaging without inks and recyclable cardboard..


Now you know us a little bit more, but we could not miss a picture of the place where each and every one of the products that are already around in many furry little bodies around the world are conceived and become a reality!

Generating emotions since 2017