Measuring the chest contour of your dog is so easy!

To achieve the perfect harness fit in your dog, you must know the total perimeter of it’s chest, measuring it with a tape measure at the widest part, just behind his/her front legs *

size guide

Then compare the measure that you have been obtained with the size guide and choose size.
If the measurement of your dog’s chest is close to the maximum of a specific size, we recommend you choose one bigger size, especially if your dog is not
a year old yet.


* Example: When selecting the size of the harness try to choose the one that is approximately halfway between the two measures (maximum and minimum) of harness extension. For a dog with a chest contour of 72cm, we will select the size L that has an adjustable perimeter between 66-91cm, because 72cm are in the halfway between 66 and 91cm offered by the extension of the harness.

A bad selection would be for example, for a dog with a chest contour of 70cm take the size M (between 51-71cm) because it is close to the maximum adjustable limit of harness extension, which in this case would be 71cm. Therefore we should take size L, whose measurements range is from 66 to 91cm.

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The total perimeter of his/her chest at the widest point (just behind his/her front legs)

If you have questions about how to measure, please contact here.

Harnesses are available in four standard sizes:

S – CHEST CONTOUR: 38-51cm

M – CHEST CONTOUR: 51-71cm

L – CHEST CONTOUR: 66-91cm

XL – CHEST CONTOUR: 86-117cm

Please take the total contour of the chest from the widest part just behind and close his/her front legs: this measure will determine the harness size,

Now you’re ready to select the harness size and finish your order.