The coats are available in five sizes: XS – LONG LENGTH: 30-39cm S – LENGTH LENGTH: 40-49cm M – LONG LENGTH: 50-59cm L – LONG LENGTH: 60-69cm XL – LENGTH LENGTH: 70-80cm

The measure that determines the size of the coat is the length of the back, from the base of his/her neck (where it crosses with its clavicle and in front of his/her front legs) until just the point where his/her tail begins. Specifically, measure 4 of the image on the right. Please take this measure to your dog, select the size of the coat and finish your order. Then take the 8 remaining measures following the instructions that you will find under the image and send them to indicating the number of the order you have made that you will find in the purchase confirmation email.

measure your dog


The total diameter (outline) of his/her neck, this point fits with his/her front clavicles, that is the point where his/her neck start and the left end of his/her front legs.


Long from the base of his/her neck, it must be measured from the collarbone just by the left end of his/her front legs to the ears and matching point 1 or the neck base.


The total diameter (contour) of his/her neck, this time in the narrowest part (beginning of your head and of course above the ears), so that you pass the collar well.


Long back from his/her clavicle, where it coincides with point 1 (neck base) above its forelegs until just before the start of its tail.


The overall perimeter of dog’s chest, must be measured at widest point (just behind his/her front legs).


Waist perimeter: narrowest part of dog’s back, just before rear legs, and if the dog is male, before genitals.


Front External Chest Measurement, this measure must be taken from end to end between front legs (including both legs).


Front internal chest measurement between front legs (not including the legs), just as shown in the picture below.


Trunk length: from the end of dog’s front legs to the beginning of the back legs. Be careful not to reach the genitals if your dog is male.

Once you have the measurements, send them by email to specifying your name and the breed of your dog, or to what breed it looks more like if you are not a breed puppy.

These measures are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT* to be able to adapt the pattern to the physiognomy of your dog, keep in mind that each dog is different and that is why they are necessary so that the result will be optimal, and be comfortable for your friend.

If you have questions about how to take the measurements please contact here.

Note to buyers: All coat orders from which we do not receive the measures within 20 business days will be canceled. The amount will be paid less the bank charges derived from the return of the product and 10% of the value of the product as a penalty * in the same way in which it was paid.

ADORA is not responsible for any expenses incurred by the customer’s bank for the refund of this amount.

* ADORA is a small company without large amounts of stock, so we can not have material reserved for 20 days waiting to receive the measures of the coats and finally these do not arrive.